About us

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!
I thanks Almighty God who had given me opportunity to share our ministry work with you.As per our conversation with you I am writing to you about us.With our little capacity we  are running the following projects:
1. school system:
This project has been started in November 11. 2008  The main reason to started this project was that i belong to this village and got education in very miserable conditions such that i have faced religion discrimination from the students and teachers By the grace of God i strongly faced all the critical situations and thanks God i am truly believer of Jesus Christ. Not only me to face this kind of situations many Christian students are face this kind of situation. There are forty Christian families in my village and most of the people are working in fields under the landlords.They perform 24 hours job and earned a very little in the shape of grains like wheat and rice.Their living standard is very low and they work under them generation to generation because they unable to return their heavy loans.This is all about of lack of education. This is my vision to take out them from the darkness of illiteracy and live respectively in this society.Education is the one of weapon with this we can face all this kind of problems.That is why me and my husband work day and night on this project.We have started this project with six Christian children and now with the grace of God we are able provide free education, books and uniform to 170 students.We alone can’t do this.To run this project we need local as well as international financial and prayer support. The important thing i would like to share that Religion Education is must for Christian children in our school.

2.Feeding Hunger Program
3.Sunday School program, Free Bible Distribution, Evangelical program.
4.Medical Assistance for Needy people.
5.Free Education Scholarship program.

Further any information you need about our ministry you can contact us any time.
May God bless you and your Church!

Yours in Christ,
Mrs.Sumreen Alyas & Team